Sunday, September 1, 2013

around the sidelines [from your view, 8.31.13] #mizzou

Mazvita's Angels is grounded in community, campus life, and the University of Missouri. Two years ago, we began selling our flowers at Mizzou football games, and Mizzou-themed flowers for game day are the first flowers I started making by myself, then with a growing number of friends.

Because of that and several other reasons, this season we're celebrating. Celebrating our roots and our deep love and passion for all things Mizzou. There is no other place that has spirit quite like this place.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Mizzou did quite a bit of talking yesterday. Here's some of our favorite snapshots from Tiger Country yesterday at the home opener of our beloved Missouri Tigers, found in the wonderful world of Instagram, tagged with hashtag #Mizzou. 

(Top photo by Instagrammer: @airmansumayop.)



















*All photos taken from #Mizzou on Each photo featured is credited to the original photographer, the username of the top of each photo, for example, the last photo was taken by @s_lawson91.

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