Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Today I am grateful for many things. And the gift of a brand new day, Happy Wednesday, y'all!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Tuesday!

Ain't that the truth?! This is a quote we absolutely love and one I haven't been able to stop thinking about the last couple of days. Such a beautiful reminder. Got a late start to my Tuesday, but hope you've had a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

color combos we love

Check out our board "color combos we love" on Pinterest for more great color and combo love!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Game Day!

Whether you're here in Tiger Country, here at the University of Missouri, home of Mazvita's Angels, or elsewhere, there's no better way to show off your team spirit than with a flower from us that's fun, festive, a cute! Check out these great ways to rock your team or Mizzou pride, on game day or ANY day!

 on a sweater or a shirt
 in your hair
 on a headband
 hair and shirt
 on a scarf, belt, or sweater
Or on a sweet baby's headband!! Make a Mazvita's Angels Day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fundraising update!


Just left the bank to make a deposit in the Mazvita's Angels account and just off the phone with my husband, time for some numbers!

We have had a total of $751 in sales and donations for 2013 so far.

This is from farmers markets, personal sales from my house or craft night, sales from one of the girls making and selling flowers to friends and family over Christmas break, and two financial donations.

This total excludes etsy (online credit card sales) because $751 was the amount of cash and checks that I just put in the Mazvita's Angels account at the bank.

Currently, the Mazvita's Angels account has $924 in it.

We didn't get a chance to take all the money to the bank where we have a Mazvita's Angels account, but were planning on using it to pay for Monday's dental appointment. So afterward, since we paid with our own money, we were going to have Mazvita's Angels write us a check to reimburse it.

Monday's total bill for the root canal and crown was $2,870. The total insurance benefit (total amount that insurance paid on it) was $1,410. The total patient responsibility was $1,460.

They then gave us a 5% discount since we were paying with cash or a check. So the total we paid on Monday was $1,387.

So technically, since we would have used all the money currently in the Mazvita's Angels account, Mazvita's Angels would have funded $924 of the $1387 due, which would have been approximately 66% of 2/3 of the total bill. I knew Mazvita's Angels help fund a lot of it, so I was close in my guestimation!

But, since we are just 25% of the way through all of the dental work needed in an extensive treatment plan laid out in August 2011 when we first began the fundraising, we still have quite ways to go!

The total amount of dental work I need done was a total of $10,000 as of August 2011. Three root canals, and an additional 13 other teeth that needed operated on.

Well, as I mentioned on Monday, that was the first time I've gone in for a root canal where they didn't find something new or something else wrong. Three root canals has turned into five.

Most recently, this last fall, we learned I needed an ADDITIONAL root canal and crown totaling about $2,500, bumping up the total amount we had to raise to $12,500 and that was the procedure I had done on Monday.

The estimated patient responsibility was about $1500, and so our mini-goal we've been working on is to raise at least $1,000 for that.

Well, we got pretty darn close and we've used some of the portions from sales on supplies, farmers market or craft show event fees.

So, that brings us up to where we are now:

Our next step with the dental work are two crowns I need for two different teeth. Like with the root canal, we are on a time-limit with this because we don't want these issues with these teeth that can be fixed with crowns NOW, to turn into two more ROOT CANALS later down the road because the problem got worse.

We do things based on priority, so after the two crowns, the next step are two fillings.

The cost for the two crowns is going to be $3,462, so that is our next fundraising mini-goal!

The two fillings will be a total of $628.

Back to our new mini-fundraising goal, we have decided instead of having Mazvita's Angels pay us back for the $924 it would have been able to fund for the $1387 we paid out of pocket at the dentist on Monday, we are just going to keep that money in the Angels account for our next mini-goal.

SO, we have $924 currently in the bank, plus $400 left in insurance benefits, and another $400 in our account at Cherry Hill Dental, which brings us to a total of about $1700 we currently have towards our next fundraising goal, so we are about halfway there, WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so so much, everyone!!! I am filled with hope and we are getting there, step by step, none of this would be possible without you, thank you so much for your purchases, financial donations, and support of Mazvita's Angels!!!!

Lots of love,
Mazvita and Ben Lewton and all of our Angels!

- Photos by Casey Batezel

something beautiful.

Quote we are totally feelin' today and could not agree more. 
Have a beautiful day everyone and Happy Wednesday!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Weddings & Special Occasions!

Got a wedding or special occasion coming up?! We'd love to be your gals! We're currently working on boutonnieres, flowers for a bride's sash, flowers for two sets of bridesmaids to wear in their hair, and we had a local high schooler ask us at the farmers market last week if we could make her a flower for prom, ask and you shall receive! We love trying new things and venturing out into new styles and fabrics as we'll be doing for our latest wedding party order.

Contact us for something you've seen on our page or for a special, unique, just-for-you custom order that no one has ever worn before! Contact or message on our facebook page, through our etsy shop or email us at!

- Photo by Avia Photography of my beautiful friends and half of my bridesmaids, can't believe this June will be my three year wedding anniversary!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

12 ways to rock a flower!

12 great ways you can rock your flower from Mazvita's Angels!  

Sprucing up the ole wardrobe has never been more easy, accessorize with a Mazvita's Angels' flower clip with these great looks perfect for work, school, or play! So many different ways you can use and wear your flower, we've narrowed it down to 12, but the possibilities are endless!!

So far on our facebook page, we've revealed 10 ways so far, stick around for two more ways coming in the next few weeks! Make it a Mazvita's Angels day!

Stay tuned for {way 10} on a hat, the winter edition coming soon as well as the final two ways to rock your flower!

- All photos except for way 2, 3, 4, and 6 were taken by Mazvita's Angels photographer, Amanda Kingston, of Mazvita's Angels crafter, ambassador and model, Stephanie Proffer.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Coming Soon: Handmade Valentines!

Looking for a Valentine that's sweet and simple and handmade with love? We'll soon have these and more for sale in our etsy shop, last day to order is this Friday, February 8!!

We are now on Pinterest!!! (Yes, FINALLY!)

Well, I've held off for a while, but to be honest have not allowed myself to get on Pinterest all this time, afraid of what might happen to me lol but have now felt good about it, so in addition to our blog, we're excited to announce, Mazvita's Angels and I are now on Pinterest!!!

I've been super excited to have a place to collect the images and things that are beautiful and inspiring, like the quote we posted today. It was one, to be honest, I wasn't feeling this morning when I woke up. I was struggling with a lot of lies and then forced myself to get up and start doing something and came to our page to search for today's quote and could not get that one out of my mind.

There is something about beauty that speaks to me. And that beautiful reminder pushed me to believe that which I didn't feel I could entirely believe at the moment, yet one that was a truth that slowly started taking root in my heart. Some days we won't believe it. Other days we will.

But what I love about quotes and simple truths like this is they can remind me of perspective. Get my eyes off my circumstances or whatever is troubling me at the moment and shift my focus upward and allow my heart to believe that which it desperately hopes and wishes to be true, that today in the here and now, whatever struggles are plaguing me today are not representative of reality or permanent. Someone once said, the bravest thing we have is hope. I could not agree more.

To hope that the best is yet to come is a leap that somedays may seem daunting and other days may deeply resonate with where we are.

We're excited to get to share more things that encourage and inspire us and can't wait to see yours as well, come pin with us!!!

- Photo above, showing one of the ways to rock your flowers from Mazvita's Angels, on a purse or a bag! Photo of Stephanie Proffer by Amanda Kingston

Happy Tuesday!

Well, it's not the start of the work week, but since I have Mondays off, it is for me. Love this beautiful reminder, do you believe this? We truly believe the best is still yet to come.

Good morning and Happy Tuesday, have a wonderful week!