Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

We've been crafting up a STORM! Mazvita's Angels has officially hit the Goodwills of Southern California folks, and believe you me, these people didn't know what was coming. This was my first trip alone. One bag for me, one bag of stuff for crafting.

They looked me at me like I was crazy. And I can't really blame 'em. They're not too far from the truth. I could tell the lady couldn't understand why I was stocking up like there was no tomorrow and the look I get most often, especially on clothes that were two, three times my size. (The bigger the size, the more fabric and flowers I can get out of it!) But perhaps what was most puzzling to them was my giddiness and excitement.

They just don't know how long it's been since this girl's been in a Goodwill! Ohmylanta, people, I walked through those doors and was like, man, it feels so good to be home.

Here's some of our first "victims," these two shirts were just calling our name. Shopping gets complicated. I'm looking for stuff for me and I'm looking for stuff to cut up. Fell in love with this orange rayon and this black and white checkered top.

 Came home and crafted away that night, this was a little more than a month ago, in early September!

We've been busy working away on these as well as Mizzou headbands for special orders and gifts. Here's some of the ones we've sent out recently to some sweet little babes around the country rocking their Mazvita's Angels today:


One of those lil baby headbands went to a sweet little baby girl in Missouri.

But, before we show you this darling little girl, we've gotta back up the gravy train a little bit and introduce ya to her beautiful mother. 

Meet Hiwot. She and I in college where we both studied in the Missouri School of Journalism together. Isn't she beautiful? I swear, I think pregnant women are so incredibly beautiful. Hiwot pregnant with little Samarya, just stunning.

And then, this summer, this sweet, darling little girl was born, precious Samarya!

She is just a doll!! And my oh my, does this girl know how to accessorize!!

And, here she is today rockin' one of our headbands on her first Halloween!

Oh my word, those EYES!! Happy Halloween everyone and thank you so much, Hiwot and Samarya!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Monday!


Words by the great British poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson. Words we just love.
We hope you have a beautiful day today and a great week, Happy Monday!

- photo by mazvita maya lewton