Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013

SAVE THE DATE! It's almost garage sale time!

GUYS!! We have got a lot of exciting things going on and announcements we were gonna save till Monday but we just can't wait, we're gonna be slowly bringing ya up to speed on some of what's been going down the last couple of weeks while we've been away from our page, we haven't forgotten about you, we PROMISE! Was gonna wait til Monday to catch up on it all, but we're gonna let ya know about one of the super exciting things right now.

Remember that big garage sale we did last summer?! Remember how sad we were on Friday when there was only one day left of the sale?

We call us crazy, but we're doing it AGAIN!! We've got $7,500 standing in the way of completing all of my dental work, and our next mini-goal to tackle is raising $3,000 for my next most immediate need/dental procedures, as you all might remember, the dentist is where all of this began so there's a lot riding on this dental work.

It's important because two years ago this August, the day before I started Mazvita's Angels, I was told I had a series of dental work to fix the issues that have stemmed from that original root canal/the cause of my illness, which is still unknown, but this dental work potentially could lead to my full recovery, or be another stepping stone in nailing down a diagnosis.

So, with those discoveries, then there was the question, how in the world are we going to pay for all of this? At that point it was $12,000 worth of dental work, which has no come closer to $15,000. LET'S DO A FUNDRAISER, I said to my husband, literally the day after I told him absolutely no never would I ever do or ask anyone to do a fundraiser for us. But, a lot can change in 24 hours lol ;) and here we are.

Doing this fundraiser and crafting for a cause, a cause that I came face-to-face with the fact that I was being called to fight for and advocate for myself and others in similar situations facing similar frustrating battles in the expensive and arduous task of pursuing medical care and treatment when the doctors are not able to diagnose exactly what it is that is wrong, how it happened, and what to do to fix it, has become something I am deeply passionate about and a battle I never want to stop fighting.

Through this fundraiser, and the final impetus that led me to start Mazvita's Angels was in realizing, I am not alone. That although it seems rare, it is actually not as uncommon as one would think, most neurological disesases can take 6-8 years to diagnose. I remember a nurse practitioner telling me that in April 2010, a month into being sick and two months before I was getting married and just looking at her secretly telling myself that was NOT going to be my story. Well, we all know the reality that we are not in control and not able to control things like medical and health issues, but one thing that has made all the difference for me is following where God has wanted to take me in this journey to find hope and life in the midst of this, one huge way has been through the crafting and doing Mazvita's Angels.

It has been a true blessing and a joy, something incredibly life-giving and something that I feel blessed to get to be a part of. Thank you for being with us on this journey and for your support of Mazvita's Angels.