Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We are now on Pinterest!!! (Yes, FINALLY!)

Well, I've held off for a while, but to be honest have not allowed myself to get on Pinterest all this time, afraid of what might happen to me lol but have now felt good about it, so in addition to our blog, we're excited to announce, Mazvita's Angels and I are now on Pinterest!!!

I've been super excited to have a place to collect the images and things that are beautiful and inspiring, like the quote we posted today. It was one, to be honest, I wasn't feeling this morning when I woke up. I was struggling with a lot of lies and then forced myself to get up and start doing something and came to our page to search for today's quote and could not get that one out of my mind.

There is something about beauty that speaks to me. And that beautiful reminder pushed me to believe that which I didn't feel I could entirely believe at the moment, yet one that was a truth that slowly started taking root in my heart. Some days we won't believe it. Other days we will.

But what I love about quotes and simple truths like this is they can remind me of perspective. Get my eyes off my circumstances or whatever is troubling me at the moment and shift my focus upward and allow my heart to believe that which it desperately hopes and wishes to be true, that today in the here and now, whatever struggles are plaguing me today are not representative of reality or permanent. Someone once said, the bravest thing we have is hope. I could not agree more.

To hope that the best is yet to come is a leap that somedays may seem daunting and other days may deeply resonate with where we are.

We're excited to get to share more things that encourage and inspire us and can't wait to see yours as well, come pin with us!!!


- Photo above, showing one of the ways to rock your flowers from Mazvita's Angels, on a purse or a bag! Photo of Stephanie Proffer by Amanda Kingston

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