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MIZ-SEC style :: the gameday dress

As they like to say, "Fall means football in the south," and with Mizzou's big move to the Southeastern Conference (SEC), last year, in true Show-Me State fashion, Missourians have stepped up to the plate and shown their new conference they fit right in with their undeniable southern hospitality AND dress.

The SEC is known for their love of tailgates and football seasons full of sweet tea, no shortage of bows, bowties, or pearls, and their signature: the gameday dress.

Mizzou got wind of the SEC "dress code," well before last season and fans all over were wondering if game day attire would really mean we'd have to ditch our beloved gold Mizzou tees. But, from the very start of the season and for our SEC home opener last year against the Georgia Bulldogs, the belle of the ball of the land of all things SEC, Tiger Nation didn't skip a beat embracing their new conference, including what they wore on gameday.

Dresses, pearls, and bows (or of course one of our flowers or bows), are a must for the ladies, and soon we'll feature some of our favorite looks for the gents.

This week we're featuring one of the trends sweeping the nation, regardless of what conference, what is known as the traditional "gameday dress," made from upcycled t-shirts in your school colors! Now, you know we love re-purposing around here, most of our flowers, hair accessories and bows are made from women's clothing, including t-shirts, and how awesome is this, you can send various retailers one of your favorite t-shirts and order a customizable game day dress sporting your favorite tee and rockin' some SEC style!

We've been pinning a few of our favorite "MIZ-SEC" looks the last few weeks to our Pinterest board, "MIZ-SEC," and we ran into a few girls rockin' some of the game day dresses we've seen online at Mizzou's first home game of the season last Saturday!

We ran into this Mizzou gameday dress on, and Saturday, we saw one of our friends, Ashlee Chapman, wearing it at the Mizzou game, shown here below with her mom, don't these ladies look great?! And we can't handle how cute Ashlee is looking in this dress. You can find a dress like Ashlee's here!

We pinned these adorable game day dresses made from Mizzou tees a while back, or like Ashlee's above and this black one on the top right, in t-shirt material, these dresses are from a variety of online boutiques.

And here's our friend, Lauren Karr, shown here with her sister, Blair, wearing some that look just like it! These girls were caught lookin' beautiful as can be in their new game day dresses at their first tailgate of the season. And to the right, Lauren's pictured with her husband, Geoff, and their sweet little girl, Kennedy! Even she has a little baby Mizzou dress, adorable!

Lauren's dress is from Rally House, a new store that opened last football season in downtown Columbia, and Lauren's mom made Blair's dress! You can find Lauren's dress here, available online or you can swing by their store in Columbia, right on Broadway!

Wanting one for yourself? Here's a few Mizzou ones we've found available to order online:

- Haute Threads Boutique on Etsy -

Tube, Tank, Halter, One-Shoulder, or Short-Sleeve Customizable Gameday Dress:

It say's "Purdue" but don't worry, (it's also conveniently shown here in Mizzou colors), but all you've gotta do is send her your favorite tee, any school, any color and she'll make you your own custom game day dress!

Price: $60.00

Link to order:

Gameday Tube Strapless T-shirt Gameday Dress:

Also from the same boutique, this dress is already made, so it's ready to ship! You can of course get ideas for other black and white or black and yellow fabric options from some of the other skirts she's featured with other school's tees, or if you like this one, snatch it up! It's currently the only Mizzou dress she still has available that's already made!

Price: $70.00

Link to order:

Black and White Trellis Football Gameday Skirt with Sash/Bow:

Or, you can even order this super cute high-waisted skirt and wear it with a yellow or gold top, tank, or tee and have the same look of a gameday dress, but be able to change out the look whenever you want!

Price: $38.00

Link to order:


- Ketch the Spirit, Game Day Boutique -

Tie Neck Dress:
Price: $52.00
Link to order:

Puffed Shoulder Dress:
Price: $46.00
Link to order:

Tank Dress:
Price: $49.00
Link to order:

Strapless Banded Dress:
Price: $45.00
Link to order:


- Laughy Laffy Girl on Etsy -

Custom Gameday Dress:

Price: $65.00
Link to order:


Or you can even convert your favorite tee into a maxi dress!

- FrocksbyKAV on Etsy -

Custom Gameday Dress (Maxi Length):

Price: $60.00
Link to order:


And stay tuned, soon we'll also feature another type of game dress, ones not made of tees or t-shirt material, but great dresses for game day or any day like this black and gold dress we found on the dress retailer, Hazel and Olive, this dress, a steal for just $39.00 is called, "The Quarterback is Mine" :)

Happy game day and have a great weekend! Stay tuned for our next edition of MIZ-SEC style!
For more "MIZ-SEC style" looks, check out our Pinterest board, "MIZ-SEC" for ideas on what to wear on game day!

-- Boutiques featured in this post: Rally House in Columbia, Mo, Ketch the Spirit Game Day Boutique, Haute Threads Boutique on Etsy, Laughy Laffy Girl on Etsy, and Hazel and Olive.

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