Friday, May 10, 2013

Health update, background, and our 2nd sale!

Guess what?! You're gonna think we're crazy, but after doing a big garage sale last summer, we're doing it again! Thank you so so much to everyone who donated items to the sale, came out to shop, and/or made a financial donation!

I was blown away by the generosity of your donations, the time you took to gather them and coordinate getting them to us, I was literally speechless. It meant so much. Because of your generosity and support, a total of $3,000 was raised that was used for two and a half of my dental procedures, a root canal, crown, and a filling!! Such an incredible blessing!

And the fundraising continues! We are almost halfway through a series of extensive dental work I found out I needed in August 2011 to fix all the problems dentists have found that are either related to the cause of my illness or could potentially lead to my full recovery and/or a diagnosis. Currently we have to raise $3,000 for the next procedures I am needing done.

We have a total need of $7,500 needed to complete the remainder of my dental work, but we are taking our fundraising in chunks with assessing the most immediate needs laid out in my treatment plan.

Last August, I started a crafting organization and fundraiser called "Mazvita's Angels :: Crafting for a Cause" that consists of a series of smaller, ongoing crafting fundraisers (starting with the fabric flowers and hair accessories I've been making and selling with friends), as well as a few larger scale fundraisers such as a garage sale a couple times a year.

We had a blast at our first "large scale" fundraiser, the garage sale last August, and are excited for the next one at the beginning of next month! We would love your help as we continue to raise money for my current medical needs, most immediately, the dental work I mentioned above.


A "brief" synopsis of what's happened to get us to this point:

-- I got sick in March 2010 in the days surrounding a root canal. I've had literally hundreds of tests done and have been seen by scores of doctors all over, and after three years as of this March, the doctors have still not been able to figure out what is wrong. We still do not have a diagnosis, all that has been determined is I have an auto-immune disease that is also neurological in nature.

-- I found out in August 2011 that I needed a series of extensive dental work to fix some of the problems that could potentially lead to my recovery or another stepping stone leading to a diagnosis and thus more effective treatment.

-- Emotionally and spiritually, I am doing really well. Like all of us, I have my good days and my bad, but overall am encouraged, fighting every day to live and enjoy my life, and full of hope. Physically, I'm still sick and nowhere near 100%, but we've had several breakthroughs in the last couple of years that have dramatically improved my overall quality of life and are helping me live my life amidst the daily challenges of my illness as we continue to pursue long-term answers and solutions.

-- Management, as many of you who also have or have family you are caring for with chronic illnesses, has been the name of the game the last few years. We haven't gotten to the bottom of what is going on yet, but I am grateful for the things we are continuing to find that are helping us more effectively manage and treat my pain and symptoms that are allowing me to function at a capacity I have not experienced since first getting sick and give me a bit of energy again.


I'm (still) planning to send out a more detailed health update about some of what's been going on lately leading to an increase in the money we're needing to raise, along with more specific prayer needs, but want to thank you now for the prayers and ways you have been supporting us. Whether it's been a while since we've talked or recently, I cannot tell you how much those prayers mean and how much we have and I have needed them.

So looking forward to getting to do the sale again, it was really encouraging getting to re-connect with many of you while dropping or picking up donations, coming out to shop. If you're doing some spring cleaning or still have some stuff you'd like to get rid of and would like to donate to our cause, we're collecting donations now through the sale!

You can contact me on my cell phone: 573-424-5163 (texting is usually the fastest/easiest way for me to get back) or by emailing, I'll have a couple friends checking that email for garage sale donations, just send an email with "garage sale" in the subject line or contact me on here, through my phone, or on facebook and we can come get your stuff from ya or tell ya where to drop it off!

We are collecting the following items:

- clothing (kids and adults)
- furniture and appliances
- books
- movies/cds/dvds
- electronics
- other  household items/dishes/kitchenware
- bedding
- jewelry
- bags
- purses
- outdoor/camping or sporting goods

and really, just about anything!

If you've got items you'd like to donate to the sale, just let us know! And for those interested in making a financial donation, you can send a check to our new address: 606 Huntridge Drive, Columbia, MO 65201, checks payable to "Mazvita's Angels."

Thanks so much for your prayers, love, and support!
Lots of love to you all!!


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