Sunday, March 23, 2014

Angels on Spring Break: Day 1, Honduras!

As we mentioned earlier, this week is spring break at the University of Missouri, home of Mazvita's Angels, and also at one of our new homes, Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA. We've got Angels all across the country and we can't wait to show ya what they're up to this week! And, some of our Angels have even traveled out of the country this week to a place near and dear to our hearts, first stop, HONDURAS! 

Before moving to Pasadena in July, I was on staff with a campus church at the University of Missouri called The Rock. It was a church that deeply impacted my journey with God in college and changed the trajectory of my life in many ways.

One of the first ways God began working in my life through The Rock was during my first mission trip to Honduras during my freshman year, spring break March 2004. 

 The Rock had been on several trips to Latin and Central America over the years, but this trip marked our first in Choluteca and the beginning of a beautiful relationship with our sister church there.

It was a life-changing experience for me and many on our team. We're excited to share more of what's been happening in Honduras over the years through the life of the church there and our partnership as well as share some exciting ways on how you can also be a part of the work God is doing in this beautiful place with beautiful people who will always have a place in our hearts. Stay tuned later this week as we celebrate 10 years in Choluteca!  

And speaking of 10 years in Choluteca, Honduras, that's where several of our Angels are spending their spring break, including this lovely lady who has birthday today! Happy Birthday, Lacey!! We hope you're having an amazing time down there, we love you!  

Stay tuned for more of what some of our Angels are up to this week next in #angelsonspringbreak! Have a great night!

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