Wednesday, August 14, 2013


It's that time of year! You can feel the buzz in the air, the energy and excitement, the students are returning, another school year is upon us and Mizzou's new freshman class is here! And they're tweeting up a storm as they've been preparing for the big move the last few days, here's some of what's been goin' down in Tiger country from our newest Tigers we're welcoming this week to the family! (Some of our comments are in italics!)


@kseketa: It's like Christmas Eve #movin2mizzou tomorrow!!

@StayCRoth: Deciding what clothes to bring and what clothes to leave behind for college is a shopaholic's worst nightmare. We so feel you.

@lauraedlow: Mom comes in my room with boxes and says "pack up and get out!" Jokingly of course!

@The_Mark_Kim: A moment of silence for my PS3 which has officially been packed up. #brbcrying #Movin2Mizzou

@Bestkid211: I'm 2 days away from having every Cardinals game on tv.
 My husband would have totally tweeted this.

@PeyM23: am i really #movin2mizzou tomorrow? is this real life? #soexcited

@Veronica_Mullin: Packing is hard work!
Truer words have never been spoken.

@wthisamoxibox: 2 days till I'm in Tiger country #imsoexcited #andijustcanthideit

@meriah_lynn13: Thank goodness FIGs move in a day early! I couldn't stand to wait an extra day. Is it Tuesday yet? #MIZ #CollegeLife #movin2mizzou

@Ha_doublen_ah: Just had a serious heart to heart with my dog about me leaving for college. I hope he understands. lol.

@lockbrian: No more procrastination! Can't wait to start cleaning and packing! ...said no one ever #movin2mizzou

@Ha_doublen_ah: My car hates me. Not only will I be #movin2mizzou next Tuesday, but I will also be #walkin2mizzou.

@kelseyollis: My room looks like a tornado went through it. #movingprobs #movin2mizzou

@chongaliciouss: My mom literally packed a whole Uhaul. I think I have enough stuff for everyone at Tiger Diggs.

@HandleWithKare: Never seen soo many people in Target in my life!

@Alison_Smith95: I will be moving into my new home in 12 hours! #movin2mizzou CAN'T WAIT!

@amikey34: Move in day!

@ccarr_2013: Guitar Climbing Harness Hammock MacBook Can I just move in now?
#Movin2Mizzou #MIZ2017

@andrewcmoran: I leave in less than 36 hours and yet I haven't started packing... #movin2mizzou

@Ha_doublen_ah: Packing: ain't nobody got time for that!

@vochay13: Tomorrow is the day! #Movin2Mizzou #Mizzou17

@Miss_Maddieeee: So many crazy emotions! #movin2mizzou

@ktkorte: #Movin2Mizzou tomorrow! So excited yet oh so nervous!

@logan_smith78: Is it an issue that I have started packing yet? Procastinators, unite.
@KCBIC: Leggooo #movin2mizzou

@ChattyCathy95: Officially on the road to college... #movin2mizzou

@mirandanco: I hope I can find a good steak, country bobs, and potatoes in Columbia.
Hey, gotta keep it real.

@wthisamoxibox: All my @wetseal Camis came in time for #movin2mizzou #yay #mizzoubound
It's all about the essentials.

@logan_smith78: My whole life is all packed up #movin2mizzou

@KailynNicoleW: Movin on Tuesday! Insane! Im pretty pumped! Can't wait to meet all the girls!

@SinginFrenchie: 5 days till college. Sooo ready!

@andrewcweaver: Getting close! #movin2mizzou

@wthisamoxibox: I can't wait to be #Movin2Mizzou this Sunday

@KatieMBradley: I obviously don't know the meaning of "pack lightly".. We feel ya sister.

@wthisamoxibox: Just found out we get HDTV in our dorm rooms

@HOWARDlyLION: Officially 1 week until we move in!!!!

@meghannicolee13: #movin2mizzou here i come!

You might be moving away to college, but you're never too old for a blankie. 

Welcome to Mizzou, Class of 2017!

- Top photo of the columns reposted by one of this year's freshmen class, Michael Cali, @michaelcaliphoto on Instagram, he found the photo online.

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